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hollow futility

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Gather all your RP journals, list the characters and any AU versions you RP. Open the post to the public so even lurkers can ask the muses questions. Respond with that RP account.

Oh, Man. Um, look at the comm userinfo? No? Fine.
The Pups are (in alphabetical order by name):

Andrivete - Arthurian Legend literature
Brigitte Fitzgerald - Ginger Snaps movie series
Cancer - General Zodiac mythology
Clark Kent - Smallville (canon, Shatterverse, Nexus, AU Kals) television
Cywyllog - Arthurian Legend literature
Danica Talos - Blade: Trinity movie
December - Original Character n/a
Diana of Themyscira - DC Comics comics
Eden McCain - Heroes television
Eöl - The Silmarillion literature
Erzsébet Bathory - Tales of the Slayer Vol. 1 literature
Fuchsia Groan - Gormenghast trilogy literature
G - The Rose and the Beast: Ice literature
Hanild - Lord of the Rings (MESPT and canon versions)
Hild - Lord of the Rings literature
Jimmy Bond - The Lone Gunmen/X-Files television
Kate Davis - The Making of a Monster literature
Lucy Noyes - Not Wanted on the Voyage literature
Mary Van Helsing - Dracula 2000 movie
Maya Herrera - Heroes television
Mekare - Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles literature
Melehan & Melou - Arthurian Legend (Nexus) literature
Melou - Arthurian Legend literature
Narcissa Malfoy - Harry Potter series literature
Princess Amelia - Underworld movie series
Rapunzel - Fairy Tale literature
Rev - The Rose and the Beast: Charm literature
Rhoslyn - Original character (Arthurian inspired) n/a
Sarah Wenham - The Covenant movie
Sif - Norse Mythology mythology
Sikozu Shanu - Farscape television
Slevin Kelevra - Lucky Number Slevin movie
Snow White - Fairy Tale literature
The Hunter - The Silmarillion literature
Tinker Bell - Peter Pan literature
Wednesday Addams - The Addams Family movie/television
Wulf - Lord of the Rings literature
Ysaïe - Arthurian Legend literature


--OMG thats a lot of names I don't know.

Issa Cass!!!!!!

....you don't want to know haw many more have been added since I did this list.
Omg, but I do. *misses*
I am at work, bored, and out of internet quota time. But I will be back this evening.

I hasn't Rped in forevers.

Hold me!

If you're going to be on AIM, I'm at my usual SN.

December 2007

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